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Forgiveness Ritual

Existence karmic release ritual

  • 2 hr
  • $108 per person.
  • Chiangmai or choosen event space

Service Description

Acceptance and forgiving, be kind to all being, moving yourself toward unconditional love. Every life we are reborn without memory, we do not remember any act, words nor active we cause to others and ourself, yet our soul have a memory and they sometime effecting us in our present life unconsciously. This ritual is for us to recognise them and ask for fully release, relinquish and dissolve from us at this present and in our future. You will be guided the process and preparation before this ritual. I act as a witness and medium between you and all one who are involve. I am not here to harm you nor your soul. Note: We will need a full day of process time, Meals, drinks and snacks are inclusive.

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