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Weekly intuitive healing meditation session 2021

Weekly Intuitive Healing Meditation 2021
After years of guiding myself and others soul on the journey of finding peace and harmony within, has led to an understand that we are here to connect and support one another. And It helps to receive constant reminders to make us stay grounded & calm in our mind, body & spirit in this chaotic era. 
Let me be that reminder!
The topics will include peace & harmony, manifestation in love, health, abundance, energy alignment, connection with ourselves & our higher power and more.... all will be guided intuitively.
Meditations are scheduled 1 day before each quarter moon to enhance the vibrations & prepare us for the weekly changes in the energetic field.
Access to the tools & materials I share, useful videos, meditative music lists, all you need to help you with your practise.
How to join ?
Subscribe and I will invite you to join my fb private group & access all my tools and my meditation video and join in weekly live session.
Subscriptions : $21/m or $108/6m* or $198/12m*
Pay to Payapl account: 
Please write you facebook profile name under your payment
* Bonus 60 mins one on one online healing session when you subscribe to a 6m or 12m subscription.
Thank you for reaching out!
Qs & As
Why do I use facebook and not zoom?
Face book allow live stream and those who missed the session can replay the record in their own time. And it allow me to share tools and other material in the page and for easy access for us.
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