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Gift of Kindness

Special gift offer to those who feel to reach out to me and have limited resources. What do you need that I can help you at this moment?

 'Ask me, write me your story, I will connect with you and share. If you don't ask you don't get, but you must ask. So reach out'

Gift of Kindness : Support kind project

December is a month to share gift others. Make a different while being kind to yourself!

Support on re-creating "Mindful Space" project in Chiang Mai Thailand! Make this home your first place to be when the world is re-open! 

We also created a conscious cafe for us to allow others to come and learn meditation & mindfulness for free!

Be part of this re-build mindful space, in Chiangmai Thailand project!

This authentic healing space was damaged by mud slide with 

flash floods in June 2020.  We have created projects to raised 

the fund to re build, so that when the world reopen, there will be

a space for you and your family to enjoy the space on your visit.

The project offer many discounted services I offer here in my site.

Please support if you may. on Indiegogo click here to view the project in detail,

or to make your contribution or support one of my perk.

Or If you would like to help out simply donate to us through Gofundme.

Thank you for you your kindness.






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